Whatever your story it's about to change...

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I invite you to dive deeper into the parts
of you that you have forgotten
but your soul remembers...

A modern-day Shaman, Intuitive and Energy Medicine Specialist with a strong sense for identifying blocks and gently cutting through them with her clients. Karen helps you regain balance, realize who you are at the core of your being.

Operating from a powerful, grounded base, Karen offers a portfolio of spiritual, energy-based services using intuitive sciences, somatic experiencing trauma healing, shamanism and the Awakening Heart and Soul healing system created specifically for those at a pivotal juncture in their lives.

Deep-seated healing at each level of consciousness

Using her ability to see beyond physical facades she assists individuals to reclaim the light of their truth, dissolving conditioned imprints and limiting beliefs. Karen holds a clear space for you to awaken, heal and empower yourself... reconnecting with your power of simplicity and love

You have the ability within to create
what you desire ...
the key to open any door...

For over 20 years Karen has discreetly consulted with a wide spectrum of people each at their own crossroads. Including award-winning actors, top level executives, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, investment bankers, as well as students, men and women seeking more... genuine connection in their lives.

Based on the Danforth in Riverdale in the heart of Toronto and working with global based clients. Private sessions, mentoring, and coaching is available, either in person at her office, or phone or video sessions

Interested in experiencing life more fully, more positively, feeling more awareness, have questions: contact Karen by phone 416-732-2661 or you can email her at hello@awakeningheartandsoul.com


Connect with us:

Your task is
not to seek
love, but
merely to seek
and find all the
barriers within
yourself that
you have built
against it

Walk as if
you are
kissing the
Earth with
your feet
~Thich Nhat Hahn


All About the Work
image I am a natural intuitive. The purpose of my work is to guide you to explore your heart, mind, and soul. I offer intuitive and energy healing sessions to individuals and businesses. To help you open to your Authentic Self.
Wisdom and Teachings
image Whether you have experienced a spiritual awakening or are simply curious about self discovery learn how to listen and reclaim your True Nature or Soul. The ability to transcend anguish, embody love and peace and live authentically again.