What Clients Are Saying

An amazing shaman and a truly transformational coach and mentor. Before our healing sessions, my life lacked direction, I was frequently depressed and had little to no awareness of life outside my thoughts. Through combining coaching and mentoring sessions with shamanic healings, I was able to let go of limiting beliefs, and get in contact with the awareness of the Divinity within me. I wish everyone would get access to the clarity and vision that has so profoundly impacted my day to day living.

~ R. B. Guelph ~


The work I have been doing with Karen is some of the deepest healing work I have ever experienced. Her unique approach somehow reaches around all of me and it feels like she holds my soul’s highest intentions for me as we work.

It is truly an amazing experience, a pleasure and a privilege to work with her. I consider myself truly blessed to have her in my life. If you get a chance to work with her – grab it and never look back.

~ M. K., Toronto ~


Karen is an incredible healer who empowers you to look inside yourself and not be afraid of what you will find. Since we began working together I have gone through tremendous shifts in my life. She is a pillar of support and encouragement and she inspires me each time we speak to receive more fully all this world has to offer. She is an inspiration and I feel extremely blessed to have her in my life.

~ G. W., Ottawa ~


Karen is an extraordinary talent, with a keen sense of intuition that serves her incredibly well as a coach, mentor and healer. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with her and cannot recommend her services enough.

~ L. L., New York ~


Karen is not an average healer. She has a naturally intuitive instinct
that goes beyond... she magnetizes the realm beyond normal
experience. I have had some of my most powerful healing
sessions with her. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to her...

~ C. C., Toronto ~


Thanks so much for so expertly holding my deepest truths in front of me. You have a gift of shining the light on issues that get so close to the heart that they are difficult to sort out alone. Thank you so much for helping me to reconnect with my inner wisdom.

~ K. A., Montreal ~


Meeting with Karen was one of the most healing experiences I have ever had. Whether you are familiar and well versed with energy healing or brand new, her words and her presence will move you. Karen brought me peace and connection at a time in my life that felt quite challenging.

She helped me to tune into my intuition and used her incredible gifts to guide and support me on my journey on a soul level. She has had a profound impact on me, and I highly recommend others to come see her!

~ D. Z., North York ~


I absolutely loved your reading. It was a powerful healing experience. I am at a point in my life where I am trying to make changes and move forward and your guidance and intuitive abilities have given me so much clarity. It has given me peace and hope as I journey forward. Your insight and ability to communicate is very profound. I feel blessed to have found you at time when I really needed direction and some confirmation.

~ R. D., England ~


I have known Karen as a healer, teacher and mentor for over 10 years.
I'm always impressed by her ability to tune in to where I am now,
identify how to handle my challenge and how to move on from there.

~ A. R., Halton Hills ~


Karen’s background from spiritual and esoteric practices to
psychology and energy healing gives her a very solid foundation
from which to address aspects of development.

Her keen insight helps her clients see their worlds with a new and more
enlightened perspective. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Karen, do not pass it up.

~ N. G., Ottawa ~


It is my great joy and privilege to recommend Karen Johnson.
She has an acute and penetrating vision and a way of getting to
the core in record speed.

She is always loving, but relentless, so despite my own initial
skepticism, I not only learned about myself with depth and
understanding I never expected, I myself became a better

~ S. D., Toronto ~


Karen has a capacity seldom found. I'm astonished at the depth
of her vision and knowledge, her powers of observation and her
compassion as a healer...

It is with great love and respect that I recommend Karen
and her Awakening Heart and Soul approach. It's a
transformation of my heart and mind.

~ H. V., New York ~


Words don't seem adequate to thank you and tell you how
absolutely profound our session was today! I feel like an enormous
weight has been lifted, and look forward to our next session together...

~ R. H., Vancouver ~


Each session I have had with Karen has helped to discover and
address issues that had been dormant for years.

During our first session together we worked on a major piece I
thought had been resolved years ago. With her intervention I now
have completion. Karen has a profound insight into the metaphysical
realm and sensitivity to my needs as her client.

~ T. G., Switzerland ~


The respect and compassion Karen holds for her clients... her
insights will help anyone who is willing to move forward.

Whether obstacles are on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, Karen
uses her expertise to detect challenges, and give guidance to continue "the work".

~ E. G., Ireland ~


Karen is a wonderfully clear intuitive. She combines her spiritual knowledge and counselling skills to empower people. Her work significantly fosters greater awareness...

~ J. M., Montreal ~