Bridging the Gap...


begin your personal
mastery journey
here with me...

Own Your Power

The work we do together creates a bridge between your unconscious mind and all that appears in your waking life: emotionally, psychologically, tangibly and otherwise... to help you build the life you've always dreamed of.

A call deep within wanting to be heard...
Longing for freedom
heart and soul...

I have been called a transformational agent, shaman, alchemist, healer, conduit, catalyst... I consider myself a Journey Guide...

Discover the radiance of who you truly are
a force of the highest vibration...
of Creation


Image The Flow

Guided on a journey to discover the authentic truth of you beyond distorted self- perceptions, inherited beliefs, relationship entanglements that separated you from the fuller awakening of your own heart..

I bring years of experience working with the intuitive sciences, energy medicine, shamanic and spiritual healing and deep trauma work.

Using my finely tuned intuitive sensory perception enables me to pierce through illusion: to see, sense and feel the subtle bodies of your energy field, chakras, and ancestors.

I work using a solid foundation of simple and profound truths assisting you to reclaim and awaken your heart.


Individual One-on-one Session

    Ancestor and Past Life
    Guiding you to past events that are informing your life now. As we explore the feelings surrounding the event, you'll be aware of their continuing impact on your present. You finally process the feelings you weren't initially able to and eliminate their residue in your current life ...More

    Energy Medicine
    Energy Healing is a holistic approach enlisting the inborn intelligence that exists within us all. The cause of any suffering or imbalance is tracked through physical, emotional or spiritual indicators to its root cause ...More

    Intuitive Counselling
    Intuitive sessions using the information and wisdom extracted to highlight and work through the struggle you may be experiencing bringing balance, peace and cohesion into your life ...More

    The shaman lives in two worlds: ordinary and spiritual reality. The Shaman travels beyond linear time and space to connect with deeper organizing principles of the planet. When in this alternate consciousness, I access higher wisdom, remove energetic intrusions, retrieve lost soul parts, transmitting profound healing ...More

    Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing Therapy
    The body remembers both physical and emotional injuries - it holds on to them in your muscles and at cellular level. Through Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy, you discover the origin of disturbances your body has retained and deconstruct the memory of this trauma ...More


All About the Work
image I am a natural intuitive. The purpose of my work is to guide you to explore your heart, mind, and soul. I offer intuitive and energy healing sessions to individuals and businesses. To help you open to your Authentic Self.

Wisdom and Teachings
image Whether you have experienced a spiritual awakening or are simply curious about self discovery learn how to listen and reclaim your True Nature or Soul. The ability to transcend anguish, embody love and peace and live authentically again.


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