Spiritual and Shamanic Healing

Image The most exceptional people in the world – those who perform at the highest level, achieve extraordinary success, and inspire others by example – know a secret.

They know that our power does not reside in our material bodies alone.

They know that there is a spiritual realm from which they can receive motivation and healing, and they call on it frequently.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest healing traditions, it is said to have origins back to the Stone Age.

The shaman lives in two worlds: ordinary and spiritual realms. The Shaman travels easily beyond linear time and space in order to connect to the deeper organizing principles of the planet. When in this alternate consciousness, Karen accesses higher wisdom, removes energetic intrusions, retrieves lost soul parts and transmits profound healing.

When I enter the non-ordinary, spiritual reality, I am lucid and in control, able to recall what has happened there. The information retrieved helps to heal physical illness, restore emotional or spiritual balance, heal over distance, direct life purpose, release spiritual intrusions, and receive blessings.

Image Alignment

The aim of shamanic healing is to restore balance and allow integration of all aspects. Our light and our dark, our aspirations as well our day-to-day concerns.

To align with the quintessential qualities of who we are: whole, healthy and connected. This is a holistic view that sees no distinction between the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of our existence.

With each experience the physical and energetic body retains a memory which is similar to a data file of encoded frequency and vibration. When we tap into this, deep and extraordinary healing can take place.

The body comes back to restored balance, and also remembers its unlimited creativity, spontaneity and playful inner essence: the pathway to your authentic self.

Spiritual Healing

As a spiritual healer, I act as a conduit or channel to a higher realm of being – a unique state of altered consciousness – and access information unavailable in your normal life.

Spiritual healing is a very powerful practice that can restore balance to a soul that has been damaged or weakened.

Common symptoms of imbalance might appear as depression, anger, grief, addiction, physical ailments, fatigue or energy drain, or unexplained feelings of loss of identity. The information I retrieve helps to heal physical illness, restore emotional or spiritual balance, heal over distance, direct towards life purpose, soul retrieval, release spiritual intrusions, and receive blessings.

The frequency, duration, and number of sessions depend on your needs and desires. Contact me to schedule a 15 minute free consult
to see whether we are a good match.


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