Somatic Experiencing™
Trauma Healing Therapy


Repattern Early Imprints and Reclaim Your Life...

Sometimes our minds block memories that are too painful, which stops us from processing and ridding ourselves of the buried trauma.

The work ties together the bridge between your unconscious mind and all that appears in your waking life, emotionally, psychologically, physically… to help you build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

When the mind shuts down like this,
the body can be the best source of healing

The body remembers both physical and emotional injuries – it holds on to them in its muscles and cells. Through Somatic Experiencing™, we can discover the origin of disturbances your body has retained and deconstruct the memory of that trauma.

Trauma Resolution

Somatic trauma healing therapy employs philosophies and techniques and the latest in neurological research. It is a psycho-biological approach for resolving symptoms of trauma and supporting our whole being into balance and empowerment.

Image What Happens

Sessions for the individual are tailored to your specific needs. They may be done by sitting or lying down, and may involve talking, movement, or touch. Bodily sites of disease or imbalance are transformed and disappear as they are no longer needed since the issue has been cleared and released.

Expand Capacity

My intention is to support you in resolving the problems that are restricting your full vital expression in your life today.

Trauma constricts our Life Force and restricts our experience. Resolving trauma on a physiological and energetic level brings us back into the flow of life. Opens us up to New Possibilities.

This allows for the processing and deconstruction of the problem memory.

My Approach

I don't fix you or heal you, but the underlying health and intelligence in your system are brought forward. This fosters resilience, your capacity to respond to stressful life events without going into overwhelm, and staying in loving connection with your self and your loved ones.

I combine Somatic Experiencing™ trauma healing therapy with shamanic and energetic aspects of other modalities to create a safe and gentle process that allows your body to connect with its innate healing abilities.

Clients are often amazed at how much it demonstrates the mind-body connection.

They report not only feeling physically better, but emotionally relieved. It treats the whole person: mind, body, and soul.

The frequency, duration, and number of sessions depend on your needs and desires. Contact me to schedule a 15 minute free consult to see whether we are a good match.

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