Energy Medicine
Metaphysical and Esoteric

Image We all know them... people who seem to naturally attract love, abundance, and health.

They have something that can almost be described as light – a powerful light that makes everyone want to be near them.

These people have palpable life force coursing through them.

Where we have blocked the flow of our life energy

I can help you become one of these charismatic people through metaphysical esoteric healing and energy therapy by removing disturbances to your energy field clearing the way for you to connect with the infinite positive energy surrounding us.

All energy healing systems are based on the belief that negative mental, emotional or physical patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in dis-ease or illness and reversing negative patterns leads to healing.

Healing brings light and consciousness

The Process

Image Energy Healing is a holistic approach enlisting the innate intelligence that exists in all of us. The cause of suffering or imbalance is tracked through physical, emotional or spiritual indicators to the root cause.

In working with your energy field, we draw on your energy centres – also known as "subtle bodies and chakras"– to restore balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of your being.

This provides relief at the source of illness using universal healing energy... also known as chi, ki or prana. You receive the energy, and healing begins. My goal is to bring you into a state of profound wholeness.

When challenged with difficulties we
find too painful, we hold these unresolved
negative energies in our subtle bodies

I use various techniques: vibrational, shamanic, metaphysical, somatic and esoteric to name a few – to assess the source and cause of your energy imbalances. I then work with areas in your field that are weak, congested, or blocked to bring you back into balance.

It’s about using consciousness to
bring about balance and revitalization


You leave your sessions feeling lighter and stronger and more in tune with everything. Your restored personal energy field will attract the universal positive energy that is all around – resulting in a self-fulfilling, deeply rewarding state of being.

The frequency, duration, and number of sessions depend on your needs and wishes. Contact me to schedule a 15 minute free consult
to see whether we are a good match.

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