Past Life Healing

It is frustrating to enter into unhealthy situations, relationships, or patterns – despite your best intentions.

If you wonder, "Why do I keep doing this?" the answer may lie in your past – a past life or from your ancestor line.

The Hunt

In today’s chaotic world many are in pursuit of ways to heal their mind, body and spirit. The search for peace, freedom, abundance, joy and most of all love. There are no instructions to lead us to the precise path that will instantly answer all questions and solve all problems.

WHAT DETERMINES WHO YOU ARE? Where you were born? The family you grew up in? Are there some experiences that have the weight to change your destiny? What’s the difference between fate and destiny?

“Fate is what chooses you…
Destiny is What You Choose.”

What's Behind You?

Image Ancestor and Past Life Healing is an advanced process where a person energetically travels into their past to change a negative pattern to bring more happiness, health, joy, prosperity and peace into their present life.

It can identify the original trauma to stop it from impacting your current life. It allows you to learn from and apply the lessons inherent in your past.

The Voyage Forward

I help you see reality as it is now, to discover the fluidity and power of gratitude and recognize that you have the power to release old emotions that have been following you through life.

With 20 years experience guiding people through in-depth, restorative healing we look for ways within your ancestor line to revive your sense of possibility.

When congruence with life-force is recovered within our own ancestor lines and past lives, we feel inner peace with our new-found sense of well-being and fulfillment.

Using Ancestor, Intergenerational and Past Life healing protocols, I guide you to revisit past events that are informing your life now. As we explore the feelings surrounding the event, you become aware of the continuing impact on your present. You process the feelings you weren't initially able to, and eliminate that residue in your current life.


I have seen clients free themselves from obsessions, increase self esteem, and finally find peace.

It is you who are healing old, festering wounds for your entire ancestor line, forgiving ancient enemies, shifting conditioning and beliefs, releasing pain that has held generations hostage for centuries. You are the changemaker for what lay behind and what lies ahead.

The frequency, duration, and number of sessions depend on your needs and wishes. Contact me to schedule a 15 minute free consult to see whether we are a good match.

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