Intuition Counselling
Guidance for Conscious Living

Image Intuition consulting explores our ultimate depth and infinite potential. Humans are sentient beings. Our energy fields will always hold and remember what we have forgotten.

Our subtle bodies reveal the richness and power: our light and dark sides. The vibrational blueprint and living testimony of who we are in soul essence.

Framework and Insight

An Intuitive identifies all life forms as having their own distinct energetic signature and vibration. By placing vision on an individual’s energetic system or a business entity’s life stream and gathering information.

We can use the information and wisdom to highlight and work through the struggle you may be experiencing bringing balance, peace and cohesion into your world. Working with your distinct needs, assisting your system to absorb and integrate, moving your life forward.

You are mapping out your lifepath and timeline. Depending on the intention laid out, you can access imbalances in your system, hidden beliefs that stagnate and limit growth, development, and unseen opportunities to move forward.

Shine light on any area of your life
to provide insight on the big picture


Image Karen utilizes her powerful, intuitive capabilities, her knowledge of ancestor, quantum healing, esoteric, metaphysical and shamanic teachings.

For over two decades she has touched thousands of lives with deep transformational healing through her own Awakening Heart and Soul healing methods.

Karen offers deep-seated healing at each level of consciousness. Her authentic presence and guidance facilitate transformation and release.

What to Expect

Karen is deeply attuned to others’ energies and has a strong connection with spiritual realms. She directs her highly attuned sensory system, intuition, knowingness and visioning in her sessions and observes what information the physical and energetic body reveals.

Karen connects clients with their Divine Support Teams and removes energetic obstructions that inhibit their freedom. Her authentic presence and gentle guidance facilitate transformation and release.


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