Karen Johnson, Founder

Image Karen Johnson is an recognized innovator and expert in the field of Intuitive Consulting and Energy Healing using consciousness as the ultimate instrument for personal healing and development.

For the past two decades Karen has touched people worldwide with her Awakening Heart and Soul healing approach.

With professional training and backgrounds in Spiritual, Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Shamanic Healing and Somatic Trauma Resolution. Karen has synthesized 20 years of experience and research in Alternative Healing and as an Intuitive Consultant and Energy Medicine Specialist into creating her innovative Awakening Heart and Soul Healing approach.

She balances her private practice in Toronto with teaching, mentoring, research, and writing and has published numerous articles in Tonic Magazine, Vitality Magazine, In Light Times Magazine, and The Meta Arts Magazine. She is in the process of writing a book.

First Awakening
Like many shamanic healers, my personal path led me to the profound work I have the honour of doing. In my late twenties I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a condition that forced me to re-evaluate my life, my beliefs, and the predominant Western philosophies about illness and treatment.

Before MS I refused to look at what wasn’t working in my life, and the universe eventually gave me a big smack to get my attention. And did it work! Now I perceive MS as a gift; back then it felt like a violation.

As time went by, I realized something had to change. As my personal story began to unfold there were many realizations, including pain and loss: I had been unknowingly living with post traumatic stress disorder.

I had come to realise that we are
the ‘embodiment’ of all things.

That was the starting point. From there I discovered my innate healing abilities, overcoming MS, and discarding the idea that healing must take a long time using contemporary medicine.

My journey back to health proved to me that healing can be immediate – but only when we are willing. It provided me with profound spiritual and mystical experiences, and revealed a capacity for psychic development and for helping others overcome their own physical and emotional challenges.

It was then I finally heard my calling. I left the corporate world behind and aligned with my heart's desire for connecting deeply to my power.

First Initiation

I immersed myself in studying consciousness and numerous esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, shamanic, energetic, and psychological teachings relying on everything from ancient texts to the most cutting-edge, current research. I continue to make learning a focal part of my practice and of my own evolution.

Around 2001 one day in a client session I suddenly sensed an energy welling up from deep inside me and all around. Before I realised what was happening there was something that opened up and flowed through me.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced… an ancient calling was moving through me. I remained in this trance like state for about 15 minutes and then it stopped. It was over and amazingly the client’s pain and distress disappeared. Vanished. This experience was my first conscious initiation into Soul Healing Medicine.

Soul Healing Medicine

Today I am a recognized expert in the field of Human Potential Development and Soul Healing Medicine.

Image My psychic and intuitive visioning abilities enable me to assist individuals in opening and evolving their souls.

Doing in-depth, clairvoyant-empathic life and business sessions and teaching intuition development and perceptual skills training. I quickly hone in on the emotional and spiritual reasons behind my clients’ physical, emotional and mental challenges and conditions.

“I believe and teach that intuition and psychic
abilities are inherent within each of us.

When harnessed, they can be an amazing source
of power and healing.”

My work is to guide my clients – individuals and businesses – to open up and access these abilities, so they can expand their possibilities in life and achieve goals they have always dreamed of... transforming them beyond awakening potential that is the heart of Soul Healing Medicine.


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