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Transformation: The Vehicle of Change
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2012

We are all seeking ways to transform ourselves, others and even the planet. It is in the journey where we endeavor to change our own self-limitations. Or through trying to bring about change to impact the planet in some way be it personal growth, through the animal kingdom or trying to bring about ecological balance ridding the planet once and for all of pollutants be they chemical, environmental or emotional.

We begin today's conversation with the beguiling thought of how our demeanor can attract or repel circumstances or events into our life. The way we move through the world, interact and create is in large part due to our upbringing that is not only our physical upbringing during this lifetime but also our spiritual upbringing.

You have selected certain experiences. In tandem, the dictum from above has also set out certain specific events you must encounter in order to help eradicate karmic residue from your past. These experiences will come to fruition in your life: from some situations there is no escape.


Seeing the world through self-imposed filters limits perceptions; and right now many are working diligently to build in new precepts of navigating what we will call the spiritual or psychic realms.

People who have lost their way often look for a loophole to grab onto which will allow them to bypass many of the roadblocks or lessons featured in their own blueprints of life. What's forgotten is that these are presented to them so they learn to surmount obstacles, develop, fine tune and hone their abilities whether it's to learn about compassion, love, forgiveness, freedom... freedom of the human spirit. Or, to understand more about themselves and what is entrapping them form moving into a new space of being beyond the limiting barriers of scarcity, fear, not being enough...

The fear is secretly and sublimely dispossessing you of what is already written and seeded within. You start to build bigger avenues of inner and outer perception by bulldozing and alleviating those internal demons, reaching into the reservoir that lies beneath and above, within and without. As above, so below.


When enthusiasm overtakes us we may lose sight of those around us because we want them to partake life at a higher level. We want them to benefit from the knowledge we posses or think we posses. Remember before inviting anyone to the party and stepping forward on hallowed ground, it is an invitation not a command.

At one level we design our world for the benefit of ourselves. It does not mean we are unable or unwilling to be selfless. It does mean we need to practice due diligence so what we are asking from those around us is also something we are willing to do ourselves. .

We can get muddled up in the concept of bettering the world. We look near and far and more often than not, we look at those around us seeing their frailties, faults and foibles: thinking consciously or unconsciously, if they changed how much better they would be. Taking a harsh look at ourselves, is it really how much better they would be or more about 'me' and how 'they' impact my world.


There is more to life and living. We are more than the sum total of our life experience; we bring with us the richness of our past experiences. for some, the access point has been easily opened and they are able to seamlessly bring forth other skills and abilities that are key to this part of their journey. Others have been unable to figure out the key of how to gain entry. Some work hard, but alas the harder they work the further it appears. It is not in gaining the knowledge but in attaining the freedom within. It may be simply to look inward and know that no boundaries set by man can ever separate you from your destiny points..

Everything flows from this inner discernment. We need to establish a foundation where our own inner discernment can attach and develop roots, growing strong within our inner core. Discernment can be akin to developing your own internal radar system.

As you develop this tool you can create protocols to alert you when things are out of balance, not in your highest good or have a negative impact at some level. It is extremely important for all adepts to develop high functioning discernment abilities. To have a person simply use external sources as a method of discerning what is true for them will not be enough. As you create this connection within yourself, develop your own abilities to discern what is true for you.


Redemption is something that the soul locks onto, almost akin to a piranha on its prey that is how deep the attraction is. Going through the portal of what we would term 'redemption' unlocks the codes we are seeking. These codes will eradicate and annihilate the pain that many feel or see being reflected in their own world view.

With the onset of navigating in this new world order there are those who are working consciously to implement change and mindsets. Simply stringing concepts together will not lead you to the enlightenment that many seek. It may provide the knowledge: the deeper understanding for some may come in a flash. Others may take time to reap the true realizations and when reaching that level may discover that there are many other layers and resonances to it.

The finality of transformation is redemption... redemption of the spirit. Redemption of the succession that you have chosen to undertake. This is not to be measured in human terms, it is way beyond what we as human entities are able to predispose ourselves to at this point.


Every time I open a new door, a door firmly closes behind me. It may be shattering old beliefs systems that no longer serve me, seeing the world in a different way, no longer filtering with corrupted filters. It may be developing new skills and learning how to handle them or travel the breadth of them, but with the entrance of every new design, ability, perception, the world changes.

It may be very much for the good of all, but can leave you feeling like an exchange student plopped down in a foreign territory needing to examine and adapt yourself to this new culture that surrounds you.

You don't have a sense of where you're going, but you need to allow yourself the premium of giving over and trusting the process that is underway. You may find that some try to detract you form your purpose at hand. Although there may be outside forces trying to sabotage you, you need to reach the point within yourself where you trust that inner knowing, that inner sense, and just latch onto it.

We need to start looking afar and within to farm and develop new ways of bringing about the resounding change that is required. The keyword here is to bring about balance. The planet has been out of balance for many centuries, it seems very difficult for us as a tribe to maintain a balance point that would be acceptable and beneficial for all.

The tangent here is not to fear the inward changes that will in duality create the outward changes you strive for. If we take this on a higher level and look at the personality that encases the soul, the essence of you, and that you are attracting specific experience into the thrall of the moment, we discover a strand of how difficult it can be when you continually resist the force and power of the cosmos.

We are missing something very simple. Transformation is not key... the key to this vehicle is you and where you choose to focus your awareness. For so long we have misread the situation. Now is the time to turn inward to restructure and retrain ourselves to utilize the answers within.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2012 Karen Johnson, CHt. MHt All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is an expert in the field of Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consultant business: consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661