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Signs: Our Secret Dialect
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2012

On a purely metaphysical level signs are actually a guiding force helping us to grow, evolve and develop.... constantly expanding our awareness. The universe is a live, vibrant force on every level. Do you realize that it is in constant communication with you? Do you know how many signs come across your path each and every day? We are constantly bombarded, and I am not talking about advertising or media.

Each day as you move through your daily life, the universe is providing you with additional scripts to work with. Depending upon where you are, you will either acknowledge and recognize some of what's being offered to you, or you may be in a space which doesn't allow you to tune in.

Understand that signs and symbols abound in your daily life and to embrace the possibilities they present. What we need to do as empowered, multidimensional beings is to learn to decipher them into a language we can understand. As you study and reflect on signs and symbols, perhaps even looking to ancient teachings, it dawns on you how much power exists and the powerful signatures that reside within them.


Signs come to us in many different sizes, shapes and packages. They can appear as anything. Can you grasp that for most of us we're only accessing a tiny percentage of these signs? Don't deceive yourself, the signs are there. What we're discussing is your awareness, your ability to receive as well as to decode your own signs. What these signs are is not important. What they are guiding you towards is what is relevant.

Whether it appears to impede or benefit us, the end result is they have come into our life for a reason. Think of this as guiding force. If signs could take on a visible or tangible form, our days would look cluttered almost like an obstacle course with hurdles and various accoutrements to help guide us on our way.

Signs abound in our daily lives. They allow us to cross to the other side of reality... tapping into our own instincts. They can become a roadmap to living and being well and help us design our lives. Is there a purpose here or are they just random acts?

Wake up. Signs are all around. They occur not by accident or randomly but result as an opportunity to help us. Signs may be disguised as obstacles, hurdles, barriers which once detected we can ignore or explore and learn how to get around, move, transform, or even eradicate from our path. These may be the easiest signs for us to detect. Once an obstacle is in your way, you must choose or decide on an alternate route or plan of action.


The old edict is we believe what we want to believe. For those who believe that life encompasses five senses as well as so many things beyond those senses... the life they live reflects that outlook. Where we choose to focus our attention and what we choose to believe or perceive becomes our reality.

Develop an awareness that there are many things that we do not yet fully comprehend. Being students of life, we are receptive to new learnings and engaging in this process. For those who believe that the reality of life on this planet is one dimensional: concrete, tangible, things that can be seen, heard, and felt... life then is so for them.

Have you ever pondered your life's journey or contemplated your purpose and thought to yourself 'What do I do next'? 'Where do I go'? and then asked the universe for a sign. For some it may happen quickly for others it's a much more subtle approach. Sometimes signs come but you cannot identify them in the moment... you need to develop the ability to trust and wait. Changes do happen and signs do come. Some might coin these situations 'coincidental' but accidents and coincidences are simply a thing of the past, by this I mean the old way of perceiving the world in a strictly one dimensional manner.


It amazes me to think how narrowly I used to live going through my life with blinders on. Focused on my goals or end results and almost block out anything that got in my way. Within that dynamic I tuned out and there was no room for any signs to get in. What resulted was sometimes taking the more difficult path or the harder way because I was blind to any signs. It had to pretty blatant in order for me to get it, and even then I might still question. You see I was living in a one dimensional world where signs did not exist.

There is a constant communication that goes on between the universe and us. One of the many ways this transpires is through signs. As we become more conscious and aware, we begin to see an abundance of signs in our life. They can be a away to point us in the right direction or to stop us in our tracks, all dependent on the decisions we make... one thing for sure, they will always make us think.

When we navigate our course blindly without heeding the signs or without paying attention, we can get in our own way becoming our own worst enemy. Our true heritage leads us to live multidimensional lives... if we can allow ourselves to embrace this philosophy then life becomes much easier and we spend more time in the flow than out of it.

We can always take signs on many levels: some take them for face value, simply for what they are. An accident is only an accident... no deeper meaning here for them. Or, we can look at it as a way of showing us that we've hit an obstacle, that we keep knocking against something needing change in our own life.

Sometimes it seems no matter what you do; you are being blocked, or for some unknown reason have to struggle for even the smallest advancement. You are doing everything right but it's still coming out all wrong. This would be considered a sign.


In our highly developed, technological, industrial, consumer-driven society we have attained and learned much, but disappointingly there are some basic attunements that many of us have forgotten and lost the power to decipher. By today's standards some of our predecessors might be considered crude and less educated, yet they were much more adept at reading the signs in their lives and in their environment. The more that we disconnect from who we are the less congruent we become with our own integrity: how can we read signs and interpret at this level?


This world we live in is so complex and multidimensional and there are many layers woven into the pattern. Life is about patterns and sequences: building on one another. The signs we receive and acknowledge allow us more insight into seeing patterns, not even deciphering patters, but having the vision to see the patterns exist.

Signs in themselves do not drive our lives in one direction or another... it is in reading and interpreting the signs and our interpretation will always depend on where we are. There is no right or wrong way to read signs: there is only your way. There are some generally accepted meanings to signs, but because we are all unique, if a sign comes to me and the same sign goes to you it can and probably does have a different meaning for each of us.

If someone has an accident it could show them where they're blocked and that they need to release and move on to get back into the flow. Someone else could have an accident and might need to experience loss of control to allow them to respond to it as a fully self-actualized being and not as a reactive individual.

Signs can signify the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. They can ease the transition of helping us to move from one situation or circumstance to a new one. If we have stayed somewhere too long or just need to start seeding new opportunities, signs can create trouble or triumph.

The signs in themselves do not create trouble but in the moment it can sometimes feel that way. We may have a tendency to overstay in certain situations because we like the safe and familiar, not change, and the fundamental things about signs is that they're all about change and movement.

As we look to the cosmos there is a rhythm of change and fluctuation. Signs can be our own satellites of change. They are not the folly of nature but come as a result of many things. It could be the natural laws that govern this world of ours, or from scientific structure theories yet to be tested, or even a projection of our own thought or philosophies that manifest out in the world. Our focus is to learn, to get more understanding, more insight and discover new ways to adapt this information into a fertile and usable communication tool.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2012 Karen Johnson, CHt. MHt All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is an expert in the field of Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consultant business: consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661