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R-Evolution of Changes
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2012

This world we live in is built on the foundation and formation of change, and each and every moment is ripe with change. It is absolutely impossible to live and breathe on this planet and not be part of change. Life is all about change down to the smallest particle and smallest atom. Even our bodies are in constant flux and change. The ecology of the planet is all about change.

In our own minds it's more about changing 'you' because in my reality 'I' am perfectly okay, on the other hand 'you' are just little lacking. Much of our idea of change is focused on others because if 'they' changed our world would then become perfect.

We all want change or so we say, but for most of us if we honestly looked at it and admitted the truth... for a large majority it would be resounding no... or, not right now. Change is one of the hardest transitions we go through and we are going through change constantly.


There are no accidents. Everything that happens occurs for a specific reason. It is all about creating balance or assisting you to re-balance what we will call your destiny points. If you are faltering or tripping over impediments on your path, situations will naturally occur to help you get back in balance with yourself and with the universal consciousness that permeates you.

We have had the experience where we have lost our focus or even sight of ourselves and have become immersed in the drama that surrounds us. The key is not to allow the drama become our identity.


You will notice that many are beginning to get wake up calls, if they haven't already received one. They can and do come in many guises such as relationships deteriorating, accidents, health issues, life and death situations, job loss, some sort of life altering situation that comes up unexpectedly. On the other hand, it doesn't need to be a jarring experience; it just needs to get your attention to get you moving in another direction and most importantly to begin to question yourself, life, destiny and the unknown...


We are entering a time of tremendous growth for the individual and for the collective group. As with any time of tremendous growth, we are all experiencing growing pains in one way or another.

Some of these growing pains will be simply stretching in areas we have not dealt with. It may make some of us feel a little uncomfortable or uneasy, and that is perfectly alright because whenever we are feeling uncomfortable or uneasy by stepping out of our safe, familiar so called 'comfort' zone, it always brings us tremendous growth and new opportunities to seize upon.

Old familiar patterns will keep popping up as if to nudge us back into the safety and security of the past. But as many are discovering, the past no longer fits who they are in this present moment. Like an old coat that you've outgrown or a style that no longer fits you, you can put on and it might look sort of the same but it is no longer appropriate for who you are now.

When we make big changes in our life it can be extremely difficult for some to integrate them into their day to day lives and really see what's going on: not seeing what's beneath the surface because they are still unable to see what's on the surface.

Do not for one moment underestimate the power of your past. Let me give you another example. Someone who may have lost a lot of weight or made a big life altering change in their life, but when they look in the mirror they are unable to see the new because they continue to filter with old beliefs. They are filtering in from the past because as they filter through old beliefs, old memories, what they are seeing no longer exists other than through these phantom images in the brain.


You are an individual who respects and understands the foundations of life. You honour universal law and respect the principles of natural law. You live life within the paradigm of understanding that now more than ever you need to clearly state to yourself "Am I part of the solution or am I part of the problem?" If you are part of the solution then continue on in that manner. If you are part of the problem you analyze and make the necessary adjustments and continue on.

The formula here is not difficult and not out of your reach, it's simply recognizing the best strategy and following through. This one behavioural change will counterbalance and repair any damage brought on by this behavioural pattern.


What do I do now? So you figured out that things are no longer as they've always appeared. What next? Does the world need to change?

Or do you need to change? Or if the world changes will that change you? If you change will that change the world?

The most important element for you now is to begin to question. If someone tells you that a box is simply a box, do you merely accept that because that is what they say or do you start to look beyond that precept? Well, a box is a box but if you start to remove some of the layers of what that label means perhaps what a box is can shift and shape into something new.

We, as people allow ourselves to be shaped and formed by the leadership of the planet. This leadership team has taken on many guises through the various civilizations that have inhabited this planet. We're entering a time where more and more we need to become freethinkers. Just because someone says that you can or cannot do something ... do you blindly accept that without testing out the facts?

Now, I am not advocating anarchy. What we are looking at through this metaphysical and philosophical lens is about regaining our personal and individual right to think. So many live life in automatic mode, we just sail through it, sometimes not noticing the world or people around us at all, believing what the media and people in authority want us to believe without questioning their reasons.

It starts with a question which inevitably leads to another question. The power is in the questions. The questions lead us back into the arena of again being freethinkers. 'Freethinker' here is being defined as an individual who questions or rejects accepted opinions.


We are all part of the formula, and as in any equation some add and some subtract from the final outcome, but at no time kid yourself that you are not part of the change that is taking place even in this moment. There are choices to be made and the choices are rarely black and white. We are multi-dimensional people living in a multi-dimensional world.

For most of us, we can barely fathom the impact that we as living, breathing entities have upon ourselves, each other, the planet, but we are beginning to get an inkling of the impact that our negative behaviour can wreak upon the upon the physical as well as the mental environment of the planet. An obvious example would be the number of species that no longer exist here for our children. The harder concept can be about how our mental processes are creating change, and sadly in many cases, it is not a change for the better. But know that all is not lost.

If there ever was a time to sanctify a revolution, the time is now and the place to start is within. To evolve anything or anyone is to allow it to develop organically. If you allow it to grow and develop from within it will prosper and grow. We will end as we began... now we know we have entered a time of tremendous growth and change.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2012 Karen Johnson, CHt. MHt All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is an expert in the field of Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consultant business: consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661