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Manifesting: Redefining the Boundaries
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2013

if you want to live an abundant life you need to understand how to manifest. Some people just intuitively live it. They inherently know how to attract what they want into their lives. Others struggle, and the harder they struggle the more difficult it becomes. They have inadvertently set up a cycle of attracting 'what they don't want'. Once you understand the Laws of Manifestation, the process of attracting abundance becomes easy. You can then attract what you want.


Everything has its own energy and vibration. In order for anything to be created it must start as energy, intention or thought. An artist's inspiration may be fueled by emotion or passion. That's an emotional energy. Manifestation translates the energy from one plane to another. The artist manifests by taking emotional energy and creating an art form (e.g., paintings, sculpture). He has manifested this by taking it from a level of consciousness and translating it into a physical form.


There are four levels of manifestation: physical, emotional, mental and soul level. Each level builds on the previous one.

  • Physical level
    is about some form of work to bring about manifestation (i.e., have a job and pay the bills). On this level we work with social, religious, economic and natural laws. Social and economic laws determine the common currency used by society. Religious laws provide a baseline for the ethics that drive society. They act as a conduit between the Source and us. Natural laws are the laws that govern our world (e.g., the growing cycles, the weather, the length of a day).

  • Emotional level
    is about using feeling energies, and indirectly physical energies to bring about change that might not be possible solely on the physical level (e.g., bring about renewed health or money into your life).

  • Mental level
    is about positive thoughts and imagery. In learning the laws of the mind (primarily concentration and imagination) and applying them to foster your ability to manifest, you grow from child to co-creator. The techniques at this level revolve around 'right use' of thought.

  • Soul level
    is about knowing and experiencing the difference between personality and soul. The soul does not experience need or lack the way the personality does.

Seeing manifestation as simply a tool to get more 'things' negates its essence to transform consciousness; turning it into a weapon for control and manipulation. Instead of using it to impose your own will, use it as a tool of expression to allow yourself to achieve greater potential. Use these principles to develop your own vision, increase consciousness and to understand that 'we are all part of the whole'.


To truly manifest you must change from being a passive receiver to becoming a creator. Create from a centred place not from scarcity, control or manipulation. While you may be able to attract things to yourself, this does not necessarily make you a manifestor. Are you doing it to feed personality and not soul? You must simply re-learn to be yourself. Being is the key manifestation. Trust and the universe will provide for you. You will automatically attract to yourself whatever you need in any given moment.


Identify what you need. Does the need stem from a lack or does it come from wanting to create? It's important to know yourself and identify your intention because that is what you will manifest. It's okay to meet your own needs when that in turn will allow you to help others. Beware the personality.

Try to discover why you want to manifest? What will you do with this? Perhaps you need it, perhaps you don't. Get a strong sense of your intention whether it's people, things, or circumstances. Remember, that's where you're aligning yourself. Get a sense of who or what you need and allow that to come to you.

A key principle of manifesting is changing the paradigm we erect for ourselves. We now become a creator, not just a bystander. We are part of the whole; we do not travel alone on this journey. If our manifestation is good for us and for others, then we start being part of the solution. If we all become part of the solution, this could catch on.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York br>
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Karen Johnson is an Intuitive Consultant and Modern-day Shaman whose expertise in the field of Intuitive Intelligence and Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consulting company: Awakening Heart and Soul consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses that are at a serious juncture in their lives.

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