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Intuitive Thinking: The Creative Impulse
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2011

Are you someone who has a tendency to draw only between the lines? Or have you been able to seize the reins of your creativity, to move yourself beyond the expected, the anticipated, the norm? By tapping into this creative vein, we can for at least a few moments, capture an inspiration that will catapult us into a different level of thinking and thought processes.


Our creative impulses can be like wild horses, strong, magnificent beings who just want to roam and explore but what we can end up with instead of that beautiful, wild stallion is a workhorse that has had the spirit all but beaten out of it. Go forward and move beyond your pre-set boundaries of creativity. The more you push these boundaries, the more you are setting free the creative impulse that resides within you.

We sometimes tap into a fear that lives deep within us. It's terrible to realize that the culprit who decides whether or not to allow this creative impulse to grow and flourish within us is 'ourselves'. It would be nice to blame an outsider, but ultimately the responsibility lies within us. We may want to place blame on our upbringing through our parents, school, outside influences, but at some point we are the ones who. for whatever reason, have seen the necessity to close down.

It is stepping away from the harmonies that encircle our life into a very quiet almost deadened place where we have purposely shut down this connection. The reasons vary from not wanting to experience emotions or pain, to being afraid to raise our voice and let ourselves be exposed through whatever arts our craft may take. Although it may not have been a conscious decision, it may come from a more unconscious place where we sleep deep within ourselves.

It is from taking responsibility that we open and embrace and awaken the creativity, the wonder, joy, the playfulness of imbibing this connection. By imbibing we are referring to the process of absorbing and assimilating new ideas and thought processes.


We may look to other parts of our life or even other people on whom to place the responsibility for real or perceived shortcomings and may even live in a place of blaming 'the other' whoever that may be for us...

Until we grab hold and make the connection that 'the other' can never control us, that in fact it is we who are creating the dearth of creativity or the fear of expression or exposure, we can never fully realize the rewards that this impulse brings to our existence: we'll always be starving at the 'banquet of creativity'.


While fear may come up in order to stop you in your tracks from some ill advised or perceived danger understand, that in all likelihood, it is an old belief pattern to keep you creative impulse suppressed. It can be part of an outdated defense system that has not yet been fully eradicated. Work with the feelings as you become aware of them. These feelings might come in thoughts, emotions or even as a body memory. Just allow them to surface and place your consciousness on the feelings and allow yourself to work through the layers.

It is how we have responded and reacted to impulses that have influenced us over time. This suppression is not a natural part of your being. It can into existence to help protect you from a perceived danger. At this point in time it is no longer doing what it was created for. if you're unable to release it in its entirety, understand that releasing any of it will allow the natural healing process to begin.

Fear in this regard may not be part of the enemy. You may be able to enlist your fear to place the enemy in retreat. And who is that enemy? The enemy is anything that keeps you paralyzed, stuck, unable to move forward to your chosen destination or goal.


Living life with a lack of creative expression can make some individuals align with the process of scarcity. Scarcity in your thought, your energetic presence, your being, in how you move through life. 'There is not enough for me because I am not enough for it'.

The influences being reflected in your field or in your world are just a tiny aspect of the bigger picture. How can I ever be good enough if I've spent energy in closing down this very vital centre in my being? I came here to express certain impulses, if I am unable to express these, does that not diminish who I am and what I have to offer the world?

People sometimes equate scarcity with monetary practices or accumulation of monetary substances. Scarcity has a much broader context and the common denominator appears to be scarcity of 'spirit', the essence of who you are.

Where does scarcity of spirit come from? What does it mean? For some it can be a fear of stepping into who they are. Of seizing their power and flowing with the energy and opening their hearts to exude compassion and understanding for themselves and for the "others" that exist here.

Love, compassion and understanding are the real power that lights this planet: with those components there is nothing that you cannot create. As time and time again has shown to access and reach that peak you will have done a lot of journeying to bring you this sought after realization.

This situation is constrained neither by time nor space. Whether it's past, present or future any time you choose is in dire need of this impulse and of compatriots to push it forward. It is timeless. Our hearts and souls have been imprinted with the know-how, the learning and the lessons to help us achieve certain outcomes.

Nobody say this easy and nobody says this is hard. It is you yourself who determines the course you take. Having the courage to be one of the pioneers or front runners, can be an exhilarating or scary experience. For some it will be an impulse that they just cannot deny. They will succumb to the call and the need that our present situation has brought forth.

The end result of these outcomes is not what is important now. It is very important for people to begin to answer the call, the awakenings, the stirrings within. It is no longer good enough to be merely on the sidelines. The call to awaken is becoming more and more persistent and it is difficult to extinguish the light of this call.

What if they find out who I really am? What if they discover what a magnificence I possess within me? What if I create for the simply joy of creating that inspired impulse?

Creativity is housed in the divine or cosmic spark within. The more we are able to become in tune with this, the more inspired we become.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2011 Karen Johnson, CHt. MHt All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is an expert in the field of Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consultant business: consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661