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Defining Energy: How to Increase your Frequency
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2013

We are all energy.

Einstein proved everything in
the Universe consists of Energy.
Everything has its own unique
vibration or frequency. Each of us
vibrates at a particular frequency.


Determines the vibration and frequency of our energy

How to INCREASE your energy FREQUENCY?

Change your thoughts.

Change your belief system and the patterns and habits that continuously filter how you see the world. Automatically your energy frequency will increase.

Focusing on gratitude, love, and integrity and automatically your energy vibration increases. As you increase your vibrational frequency you will begin to manifest what you want in your life.

You will begin to attract more of what you want….

How to DECREASE your energy FREQUENCY

Your frequency decreases automatically when you think negative thoughts, feel negative emotions and speak negative words.

Focusing on what is missing in your life and automatically your energy decreases and becomes stagnant and blocked.

If you can appreciate and feel a sense of gratitude for what you do have then your life and your frequency automatically changes and shifts upward.
Transforming your approach to life and you begin manifesting and attracting what you want. Where your energy is focused… attracts what you are manifesting into your life.

Remember, like attracts like is an universal law.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2013 Karen Johnson, Awakening Heart and Soul All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is a Professional Intuitive and Modern-day Shaman whose expertise in the field of Intuitive Intelligence and Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past two decades. A well known Energy Medicine Specialist, Somatic Trauma Therapist, Shamanic and Metaphysical Healer and Author.

She also runs an international Intuition Consulting company: Awakening Heart and Soul consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses that are at a serious juncture in their lives.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661
115 Danforth Avenue, Suite 201 Toronto