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Manifesting: Consciously Creating Though Right Action
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2012

Right action is the way to proceed if we want to create and maintain change. For some this will mean very little as this is the compass they have already set for their direction in life. For others, it will be a whole new view on how they see the world and themselves within it. They may ask themselves 'how do I fit in' to this new world view. While it may be difficult to imagine yourself as a citizen in this new world, know that awareness is key. Any boundaries set have been set by you, and therefore, can be changed by you. The limitations you perceive are self-created, and as every alchemist knows, anything that is self-created can in turn be dis-created.


We know that everything is energy and that includes our thoughts. If I randomly have a negative thought about a person or situation in my life, it will have a negative impact on some level. That is how energy works.

If I intentionally set out to manipulate or negatively impact a person or situation, this will have an adverse effect on me as well as the person I am directing this force towards. For with every action comes a reaction or consequence.

Each individual choice or thought that I make has the power to influence and change life in the microcosm. And, anything that changes in the microcosm impacts and affects the macrocosm.


There have been many periods where a lifetimes has been limited by restrictive dogma. We live in an era where it is safe, and at times encouraged, to question so called societal rights and wrongs. We are being asked to look at our responsibilities, individually and collectively, as how to heal the problems within ourselves, within our global communities, from environmental concerns to the safety of nations, all the way down to the safety of the individual.

At no other time have we been so ready to move beyond limiting dogmas. Thanks to technology we have more data available at our fingertips than many of our previous tribesman. There is so much coming at us we sometimes forget to tap into the wealth of wisdom within us.


If everyone upheld the universal laws we would be a planet basking in the freedom of all its peoples. There are some among us who appear to have a vested interest in keeping people divisive. For them its of primary importance to maintain chaos, discord and the sorry state of affairs for the many weary travelers on this planet.

We call them opposition, not enemy: to call them enemy is to give them more power. They are merely opposing something they do not truly understand. They have been unable to grasp the full facet of the situation. We will not call them wrong as they are not yet fully informed. They do not understand the full situation. Their thinking has become distorted and out of balance, so they focus on aligning with the only goal they know.

We, the people, need to stand shoulder to shoulder in an energetic way so that we can uphold the new message bringing in new energies, new light, new frequencies onto this plane to create an interlocking pattern that will hold even the weakest one of us up until we all 'regain' our internal power and our internal mechanisms so we can belie the opposition.


Although we may each live within our individual sphere, each sphere unto itself affects the other, thus affecting the whole. Our lives do not solely affect the totality of existence but each individual light body upon this plane creates the overriding patterns that develops the destiny of all. At the soul level, living with right action is also understanding the impact that our choices and behaviours have on others.

Living a life where you choose to uphold and follow universal law is one basic way to define right action. Looking at this from a strategic standpoint to living a purposeful life. It is understood that following right action or right thought simply involves making an informed choice to live with the driving force that enfolds your life with a positive energy.


Right action in itself is impersonal and appears like a divining rod in utilizing universal law. To right a wrong is not simply the act of balancing karma: to right a wrong, if we look at it through the paradigm of right action, will allow us to see beyond the limitations of our duality and to embrace liberation. Not easily defined, right action and right thought are a way to live life with a sense of yourself and the world around you.

Right action is a way of seeing, sensoring or filtering the world. To follow the principles of right action we need to be tapped into the inner and outer workings of our world. It is difficult to live a life of right action being numbed out, angry, depressed, feeling deprived or resentful in some way, disconnected from yourself, others, or you higher power. If you have been impacted by dysfunction, trauma or abuse, your instincts will have been formed in survival mode and may leave you with an overriding need to take care of yourself and focus solely on survival, never recognizing that there was a choice to live another way.

What we want to do is to align our light bodies with the frequency and vibrations of right action and allow it to magnetize to ourselves what we want and what we need, and eventually what we want and need will merge and become one.


It is a time when a lot of our tribal beliefs are being tested and many are coming up short. To some it feels like there is an abundance of divided nations, families and individuals.

Sometimes, we discover that we are living like imprisoned beings in our own lives. We might be imprisoned by old beliefs, traditions or signatures that we have not stepped aside from, or there may be political or religious beliefs that no longer quite fit, but we have been unable to locate alternatives or substitutes. Many are waiting for one who will come in and right their wrongs. For some this will be a spiritual or religious leader, others will look to pop culture, and still others to a philosophical or intellectual source.

We stand strongest when we stand united: within ourselves, our vision, our tribal communities, our countries, our world. Where the chain becomes weakened and eroded is when we are no longer able to maintain and create the expressions of freedom that are innately man's to create.


For some freedom is just a word. If you have ever been deprived of your personal freedom, that is freedom of choice, thought, action, of your person... you would instinctively honour and cherish 'freedom'. If you've never been made aware that you could lose your freedom, you might not realize what a precious gift you possess.

We all have our vision of what the world should be. There are many whose sole purpose or direction in life right now is to scour the land with their definition of right action. 'What is right for me and my people is right for all...'
We are being asked to be creators and not captors. There is no such thing as an enemy. That is a label that we have put on things we do not fully understand. What we do not understand, we sometimes fear; what we fear, we sometimes want to capture and control. If we are in control we cannot be harmed, or so the thinking goes.

Where we go after that is as diverse as is the nature of all men. This allows us to develop and spread our roots and we will take from it what we need. For some it will allow them to take flight and soar moving through untested and uncharted territories. For others, who recoil from the discovery process, they will continue to relive and recharge themselves from the remnants of the past, and in doing so continue to live and re-live this much traveled pathway.

For those who are willing to be part of the discovery process of charting unseen and unheard thought processes, the membership to joining the coalition will leave some a little bewildered. It is having the willingness to forge ahead, to be a front runner and to take a risk by being one who says 'this is not right... this is different for me..."

It is imperative that we as a people, as a nation, and as a planet honour and cherish those values that make our humanness so extremely exquisite an experience. To honour freedom is one of the highest forms of prayer known to man.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2012 Karen Johnson, CHt. MHt All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is an expert in the field of Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consultant business: consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661