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Trust the Signs of Peace
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2013

Run as we may we can never get far from the truth. The truth is we are aspiring to create a world and a way of life whose foundation will have the underpinnings of peace to hold it in place. To any architect it is a fundamental principle that underpinnings are essential to forming a stable and sound structure. We are looking to build people and erect lives with the ability stabilize peace and bring it forth onto the planet. The pages of our life stream forth through the volumes of time. We may need to go into the chambers deep within the archetypes we have set in place around our lives. Archetypes take meaning through the people we have depicted as villains or heroes within the mythology we have set out for ourselves.


The way of peace begins with each of us individually rediscovering our ability to sustain peace. What then prohibits you from allowing peace inside?

We live in a world that is in constant flux. Many lives are defined by the constant noise and distractions we put in place to avoid the quiet, unrelenting chatter that controls our behaviour and how we monitor the way we live. What is happening in the macrocosm is a direct reflection of what is going on in the microcosm of each of our lives.


Have you ever heard 'give peace a chance'... what exactly does it mean? Why wouldn't we give peace a chance? We know so much, yet when it comes to understanding what true peace is, we are at the amoeba stage, barely formed, hardly functioning cells within an organism which we call life.

Perhaps at other times we have taken different, seemingly random, spots on the spectrum of the life cycle but we are all Messengers of one type or another: some uphold the peace, some enforce it and some break it


Many live in a state of continual warfare not always identifying the true enemy but knowing that this individual has them in retreat. If they brought a mirror or magnifying glass to scrutinize they would realize the individual was actually themselves. They are the ones bullying and torturing themselves.

How can you access peace so it creates internal harmony and external harmony within your world? How do you bring about peace in an external way if you have yet to be able to survive in a peaceful, loving way?


Insofar as we have arrived at this perplexing point within our own lives, this state of conscious calm which we seek to achieve may be a fleeting realization in the minds of men.

Within the souls of men there is a knowingness that this calmness, this state that we will term 'peace' or blissful awareness', meaning the bliss of being front and centre within the total dimension of your life. For some, part of their life journey is to achieve this harmony of peace. The internal and external notifications of peace are solely missed by many.


For years we have strategize about peace using its function as a noun. It is important to stretch the levels that we know peace at and realize the form for peace has now changed into a verb . Peace must also be a call to action. It's time for us to create peace with peace.

Frequently conversations around our daily lives contain elements of solution-ary pieces. These pieces create parts of the internal revolution that continues to conspire against the mundane conformity that supersedes the truth.


We go nowhere, yet we have the ability to go everywhere. The answers come from within.

The truth is behind us and the truth is before us. The truth is: we can handle the truth but we have been conditioned and spoon-fed for so long it begins to erode and deride our own ability to discern 'what is truth'. We have lived in a bubble and fizz environment for so long that many have become in danger of feeling flat when looking for answers within themselves.


Today's society can often look like a high glass magazine without a lot of content. Remember the old adage: 'never judge a book by its cover'. You would discover looking beneath the surface at what initially appears superficial and soulless, that many are attempting to find the balance point and the deeper meaning of life within themselves and within the world they have constructed.

The apathy that heavily blanketed the world is beginning to thin, and in certain places allow in new light and new growth. As we grow we develop the ability to help others, whether it's through a passing encounter or a more intense connection, we cannot help but be part of the healing salve.


Hear ye, hear ye ... brother and sister mete out your punishment for not creating the wonderful world of peace, love and harmony that we have been told is our burden to create. We collectively have bought into the premise that we are contractually obligated to do this, and if we do not achieve this, then we have not fulfilled our obligations and have somehow failed.

It is not your responsibility to create lives of peace, harmony and joy. It is your ultimate calling to live a life of peace, harmony and joy!

We have looked to our religious leaders, our gods, our political benefactors to help us attain this sense of peace that we feel lacking within ourselves. Unbeknownst to us we are creating facades of illusionary prisons which we inhabit. In time the illusion can become almost substantiated by our thoughts and beliefs and we find that sheer will or determination alone is not enough to remove this illusion.

Instead of bulldozing our way through and perhaps damaging ourselves in the process; it is time to stop and make a break in the track that lay ahead of you. We need a shift within ourselves. This shift comes from the soft places inside, allowing our hearts to open just a little for the idea to creep in that we possess the keys to unlock the prison doors we created.

Patterns have been created or designed to help you arrive at an ultimate destination. This destination vibrates with the purest level of peace to be accessed. One thing to note: this is for those who ask for it, not necessarily for those who demand it, beseech it, or belittle it.

All may enter who come with a clean, pure intention. Peace is free for all, there are not restrictions.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2013 Karen Johnson, CHt. MHt All rights reserved in all media.


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Karen Johnson is an expert in the field of Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consultant business: consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses.

She can be reached at 416.732.2661