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The articles in this library have been written by Karen Johnson. Permission is given to publish these articles electronically or on your website free of charge, as long as the author byline and copyright information is included. If you would like to reproduce the articles in any other format, please contact Karen for permission.



Intuitive Thinking: Clearing the Way
Intuitive Thinking: Connections
Intuitive Thinking: Conscious Fusion
Intuitive Thinking: Creative Impulse
Intuitive Thinking: Healing the Heart Nucleus
Intuitive Thinking: Mystical Openings
Intuition: Unleash your Power
Intuitive Thinking: Language of Intuition



Conscious in an Unconscious World
Creating and Defining Psychic Boundaries
Defining Energy: How to Increase your Frequency
Energy Consciousness
Opening Gateways: Looking Beyond the Illusions
Power of Thought and the Ghost in the Machine
Re-Connection: A Process
Sacred Spaces Inside and Out
Signs: Our Secret Dialect
Surrendering to the Sacred
Time Travel Imprints
Trust the Signs of Peace



Empowerment Equation
Forgiveness Portal to Freedom
How to Recreate your Future
Impulse of Love and Fear
Releasing Grief and Moving Forward
R-Evolution of Changes
Self Actualized Lives ― Viewing Detachment
Transformation: The Vehicle of Change
Transitions: Releasing
The Power of Hypnosis
What is Energy Medicine



Art and Science of Creating
Consciously Creating Though Right Action
Consciously Creating: The Fear Factor
Creating Prosperity in a New Way
Creating Abundance: Magic of Receiving
Manifesting: Redefining the Boundaries
Moving Beyond the Fear of Success
Opportunity in Possibilities


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