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Creating and Defining Psychic Boundaries
by Karen Johnson
Copyright © 2013

So you want to be a Psychic Explorer. Whether you're just a beginner or further along on your path, have you given any thoughts to your psychic boundaries? Do you have any? Do you know what they are or why you need them?

The spiritual realm is a crusading force enforcing universal law, helping consciousness to evolve and expand and assisting Man to see his rightful legacy and reclaim it. The spiritual realm is not concerned with mundane personal necessities such as eating, sleeping, time or money... those are very human needs and are not even on the radar screen. This is not about lack of respect or violating boundaries, it's just not part of that reality. If you want these needs met without interference, don't look to the cosmos for help... it's time for you to set some simple parameters and establish your boundaries.


Boundaries are put in place to inform others of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour to us. We would never dream of having a house without any lock on the doors: this is how we keep out uninvited intruders.

Boundaries are to be respected, they establish your limits. It is important to develop consequences in case your boundaries are violated. These consequences should be appropriate to the offense and you must always be prepared to follow through.

Whether you are referring to the physical realm or one of the many spiritual realms the simple truth is: if you have no boundaries you will be taken advantage of.


We belong to a multi-dimensional race of people. When cruising in the psychic world, we can become so overwhelmed with the excitement of the new experiences unfolding that we neglect to set parameters for fear of diminishing the experience in some way.

This is an open invitation to us all, not an exclusive club with a few select members. In becoming part of this world there are rules and regulations to be respected and they derive directly from Universal Law. In order to survive and thrive you need to set up your own guidelines.

There is absolutely no need to live a life where we feel constantly 'under siege'. It is important to realize that one of the fallouts from weak or no boundaries can result in psychic attack. We need to be aware that some of our fellow travelers may consciously or unconsciously be invading our psychic boundaries. On encountering psychic attack remember it can also come from human rather than non-human sources.


When as children we learn to walk and talk, we are also learning about boundaries. If you strike out and hit someone they will probably hit you back. When it comes to the psychic realm, we are just children learning to find our way, and like any child, if we play with fire we will get burnt. It is essential to understand what needs to be respected and what limits we must put in place.

Recognize your own responsibility. Construct boundaries to protect yourself from unwelcome intruders on all levels. As our power grows, our energy can attract unwanted attention. Trespassers can and do come from any realm; we can be ambushed by strangers, people we know, friends, family, entities, others. This may be conscious or unconscious on their part: it really doesn't matter because the end result will be the same.

The most direct and simple approach is through 'Intention'. With intention as our guiding force, everything flows from the intention you set. There are many other options available, some people use rituals, sacred prayers, energetics... use whatever resonates with you.
If you are working with spirit guides or helpers, call them in. If you are working with a team, have your control guide come forward and if you do not have a control guide then elect one. Outline the boundaries that you're putting in place. This is just one of the many resources available to you.


We need to establish and maintain at our deepest cellular level appropriate boundaries that we must respect and must be respected by others. Working in the psychic world without boundaries is like working without a net. By setting boundaries we begin to stipulate what we will and will not do.

Without appropriate boundaries you can fall prey to others. You may even attract a certain type, a neediness, a lower kind of energy. You're not seen as an individual but as an object, a power source, feeing parasitic needs or addictions. Worst case scenario you could become a toxic dumping ground attracting every kind of low life from here to infinity.

If your psychic boundaries have been encroached upon you might feel unusually tired, out of sorts, listless, depressed, just can't get motivated, perhaps physical warnings can occur such as flu-like symptoms, immune system out of balance, et al. It may take a day or so for you to even realize what has happened.

There are as many reasons for boundaries as there are life forces. One example is that the spirit world does not recognize our definition of time. Time was established by man as a point of reference for man. If you want your time respected you need to educate, you need to set limits.


Boundaries act as our thermostat maintaining a comfortable temperature and restoring balance. Your boundaries will change over time as you grow and develop and as your own needs change.

The formula is quite simple. If your boundaries are violated you can withdraw, use Universal Law to command the intruder to leave immediately, or use whatever protocol you have determined for your consequences. You have already created boundaries and established consequences, so you must simply follow through.


Remember, while you've built a structure and put it in place, there is also a fluidity to boundaries. They help to keep your personal ecology in balance, supporting your development process and providing more time, energy and focus to explore and expand your consciousness.


This article was originally written by Karen Johnson for:
The Meta Arts Magazine, New York
© 2013 Karen Johnson, Awakening Heart and Soul - All rights reserved in all media.


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>Karen Johnson is an Intuitive Consultant and Modern-day Shaman whose expertise in the field of Intuitive Intelligence and Human Potential Development an area where she has been a leader for the past decade. A well known Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healer and Author. She also runs an international Intuition Consulting company: Awakening Heart and Soul consulting and mentoring for individuals and small businesses that are at a serious juncture in their lives.

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