Ancestor Healing
and Past Life

It is frustrating to enter time and again into unhealthy relationships, situations, or patterns – almost despite your best intentions. If you're wondering, "Why do I keep doing this?" the answer may be in your past – even in a past life or from your ancestor line.

Ancestor Work and Past life regression can identify the original trauma and stop it from affecting your current life. It can also reveal parts of your past in which you were at your best, so you can incorporate that energy into your present. In short, it allows you to actually learn from and apply the lessons inherent in your past – a rare opportunity.

How Does It Work?

Using Ancestor Work and Past Life Regression protocols, I will guide you to past events that are informing your life now. You will not relive the event – you will experience it at a comfortable removed state of relaxation. You will be able to hear my voice and have a sense of your surroundings, but you will be focused inward as you visualize the past life event in question.

As you explore the feelings surrounding the past event, you will become aware of their continuing impact on your present. You will finally process the feelings in a way you weren't initially able to, and eliminate their residue in your current life.

What Are the Benefits?

I have seen clients free themselves from obsessions, transform their personalities, increase their self-esteem, and finally find peace as a result of ancestor work and regression therapy. A common result is a sense of relief at being able to learn from a buried past life or ancestor event.


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