Why look to anyone
else to be your

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Imagine that...

You have the ability within... to create what you desire...
limitless opportunities... the key to open any door. ...

"Awakening Heart and Soul healing is what I do." Empowering the individual, illuminating their path. Transporting body, mind and spirit into a more expansive state of personal fulfillment and spiritual connection. The power you seek is always within.

A modern-day Shaman, Intuitive and Energy Medicine Specialist with a strong sense for identifying blocks and gently cutting through them with her clients. She helps you regain balance, realize who you are at the core of your being blossoming into your life’s purpose.

For the past two decades Karen has
touched thousands with her
Awakening Heart and Soul healing approach
which goes far beyond anything you can imagine

Operating from a powerful and grounded base, Karen offers a portfolio of spiritual and energy-based services using intuitive consulting, energy therapy, somatic trauma healing, shamanism and the Awakening Heart and Soul healing system that she has created specifically to treat those at a pivotal juncture in their lives.

I connect the physical and spiritual worlds, gaining insight to enable my clients to reclaim their authentic power.

Based in Riverdale in the heart of Toronto and working with clients around the world. Mentoring, coaching and private sessions for individuals and small size businesses is available, either in person at her office, remote via phone or skype.

For over 20 years Karen has discreetly consulted with people across the board from powerful and influential to everyday people each at their own crossroads. Including award-winning actors, top level executives, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, investment bankers, as well as students, men and women seeking more... genuine connection in their lives.


If you're interested in experiencing life more fully, more positively, and with more awareness, contact Karen by phone 416 732 2661 or
email her at kaj@awakeningheartandsoul.com