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Imagine that...
You have the ability within you to create what you desire... You have limitless opportunities... you have the key to open any door.  You do. In every moment each of us has the power to recreate ourselves, our lives, and our world.  The power you seek is within...

My name is Karen Johnson, and Awakening Heart and Soul is what I do.  My purpose is to enlighten and empower the individual:  healing body, mind and spirit. 

I offer spiritual and energy-based services that allow my clients to enter into higher awareness and consciousness.  I act as a guide and mentor gently helping to break down barriers, work through past traumas, and access positive energy.  I connect the physical and spiritual worlds, gaining insight that enables my clients to make better decisions in their lives.

Simply rearranging things does not change the size of a space but removing or revealing hidden spaces can be the source of new vitality and renewed enthusiasm. 

Based in Toronto but working with clients across the world, Awakening Heart and Soul offers:

Spiritual and Shamanic Healing

Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy 

Energy Medicine and Metaphysical Healing

Intuition Consulting

Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy | Counselling

Specialized Kinesiology

Mentoring and coaching for individuals and small businesses is also available, either in person, via phone or skype.

If you are interested in experiencing life more fully, more positively, and with more awareness, please contact me at Awakening Heart and Soul.


Whatever your story, it’s about to change.


If it’s been good, it’s about to get even better.


If not, this is your invitation to a well-deserved change.



~   Karen   ~


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